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Current / Ongoing


Online media strategies, open licensing, application and development for civil society; open source software advisory, training and managed hosting; research, consultation, online publication and analysis of surveys.

  • TotalE API: Universal database translator for web and associated interoperability products
  • Rengah Sarawak V2.0: Funding proposal for upgrade of Rengah Sarawak
  • AADProject Mapping: Advise on tools, design and implementation of arts and disabilities events and services database throughout Victoria. A report on this project was produced by unavailable for public review at this time.
  • Arts and Disabilities: CDN research project, training, survey consultancy and publication, GIS advisory
  • Advisory - Notes: Reference materials from various reports
  • Art and Globalisation: Advisory and publication of survey, RMIT University


Social documentary, installation and performance combining digital production techniques in the visual and audio arts.

  • Micro-Docs KL: Micro-docs workshop notes, KL, October 2009
  • Home Lands: Cultural Development Network and City of Melbourne
  • NOTHINGKNOWN: Performance / installation, from homeland to home world... cultures in transition.
  • Nailing The Commons: Identifying the commons. A joint APC and iCommons micro doc production.


Research, development and support towards the global information and knowledge commons.

  • Open Spectrum Australia: Sustaining broad community access to the digital spectrum and ICT
  • Documents: CC licensed articles, essays, reports
  • VIDEO SPRINT: An open content / rights management and cross media production workshop - this document provides an overview, background and "how to guide" for running a Video Sprint event
  • Community Tower Project: Prototype community owned communications tower project

Media Releases news

  • 2009-09: Draft news mailout


  • Equipment - DIY Video - Recommended equipment purchases
  • EOI-INSPRO II - EOI to APC towards participation in an international climate change research project
  • Engaging with - Our guidelines and processes for engaging on a project
  • Strategic Plan - and Open Business models for cultural development and access to knowledge





Programs trades under the following programs, each independently registered business names in the state of Victoria, Australia:

Services provides the following information technology and media arts services:

  • Advisory
  • Production
  • Workshops
  • Hosting

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