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Contents Supports Document Freedom are proud to support Document Freedom Day 2008 and we are making over 10 years of essays, lectures, reports and articles available as part of our celebrations. The list of documents is quite extensive.

What is it?

Document Freedom Day, 26 March 2008, is intended as a global rallying point for Document Liberation and Open Standards. It involves taking the message to the public about the importance of vendor-neutral electronic document standards and ensuring that you can access your information whenever you want.

This will be the inaugural Document Freedom Day and support is growing from around the world.

Who's Running it?

The event is being arranged and coordinated by the folks at Document Freedom, a volunteer group that's formed from discussions at ODF Alliance meetings. Supporters include the Free Software Foundation, Google, IBM, Red Hat and others.

For more information about who's behind Document Freedom, check out their page.

What's Being Done

The folks at Document Freedom are coordinating effort around the world and sending out a Starter Pack with flag, tshirt, leaflets and stickers. From there, it's up to individual teams to do what they can to promote the effort.

In addition to releasing our documents, Google's Sydney office are holding an awareness event in their offices. Information about events around the world is listed on Document Freedom's DFD 2008 page.

Further Reading

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